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What are Pheromones


What are Pheromones?

The annals of time are filled with countless stories of men diligently searching for the impeccable love potion . Finally, there is a solution.....PHEROMONES.

For over 20 years, universities, scientist's and the media alike, all the across the world, have done research, experiments and studies on the power of pheromones. The information on the male human pheromone Androstenone was gathered from these sources and other manufacturers of pheromone products for men intended to attract women and are deemed reliable.

Pheromones are a naturally occurring chemical compound found in all insects, animals, and humans. When Pheromones are secreted they dictate sexual behavior and attract the opposite sex. Pheromone is Greek from the word Pheran-to transfer and Horman- to excite. Pheromones are found throughout the living world and are the most ancient form of animal communication.

Pheromones are natural scents, which play an important role in sexual communication. Animals and humans release masses of biological chemicals in tears, saliva and perspiration. These aromas convey signals relating to mood, status, drive and health to the subconscious awareness of the female. The dominant male will exude more of these biological attractants than his submissive counterpart, consequently he inevitably attracts more females and enjoys more conquests.

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This philosophy holds well in the animal world, Pheromones are consciously detected over considerable distances and serve at times in place of spoken communication. They help animals mark territory, recognize mates, and signal sexual interest. For example, female dogs in heat leave their pheromone and can attract male dogs over a mile away.

Researchers have recently discovered that Pheromones play a major role in the lives of humans. Prior to 1986, The world's leading vemeronasal scientist could not concur on the existence of human Pheromones. After that period, scientists at the Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, and its counterpart in France, discovered what they came to realize are human Pheromones. These chemicals were found in a decidedly unsexy substance: Human Sweat.. These scientists isolated a pure pheromone compound called-Androstenone (5 ALPHA ANDROST-16-EN-3 ONE)

In human men, the primary male pheromone (hormone) men unknowingly secrete that attracts woman is Androstenone. Due to evolution, men only secrete this pheromone when they sweat. This is an unpleasant way to meet a woman. What is so ironic, is whenever we shower we clean off our own natural pheromone. When we put on deodorant we actual clog and mask the pores Androstenone secretes from...our sweat glands.

Humans are of course also animals and we produce the same class of aromas. Although, often, smells that occur in human sweat, are not rank body odor, which is generally accepted to be the result of bacterial degradation of our sweat secretions. Furthermore they do not have to be consciously perceived to affect the recipient, as they have been shown to affect our behavior when used at subconscious levels.

Due to social and hygiene standards adopted by the human race, some considerable interference with nature has resulted. Pheromones are casualties in the bathroom, they fall victim to deodorants, antiperspirants, antiseptics etc., and in fact man has used science to deprive himself of his primary attraction to the opposite sex. Pheromones.

Man having denuded himself of his natural sexual messengers, he then dons after-shaves, colognes and other fragrant adornments in order to exude a fragrance, which he believes, will effectively attract females. The modern female certainly enjoys a pleasant aroma, and it would be farcical to suggest that a sexually mature male should revert back to nature and cease the use of toiletries.

In order to redress the situation, We have reproduced a complex of the most important human Pheromones Androstenone which has been incorporated into compatible modern masculine fragrances, thus enabling the user to apply at will the biological attractants which ensure a positive female response to his presence.(ATTRACTION)

Nexus Pheromone - The worlds most powerful Female Attractant

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For decades perfumes have sought to produce an attractant effect by offering compounds made from animal musk's derived from the Civet cat and the Deer. These may attract the species named but would have no effect upon humans.

The aroma of ANDROSTENONE (5 ALPHA ANDROST-16-EN-3-ONE) seems to be the very essence of aggression or dominance in man. A criminal pathologist found in a survey of a prison population, that it was the people in the violent wing and the prison warden who were naturally high secretors of it. The value of ANDROSTENONE is reflected in its open market price. It is a very expensive item.

For the most natural effect, use Nexus Pheromones as an after-shave and apply it to the underarms, chest, wrists and other suitable hotspots.

How Exactly Do They Work?

Over time, humans have seemed to lose the capacity to detect Pheromones consciously. Unlike other animals, we don't sniff parts of each others body when we interact, but researchers have found that our perception of Pheromones is still there but on a subconscious level..almost on an instinctive level and they still dictate human sexual interaction.

In humans , researchers at the University of Colorado found Pheromones are detected through the Vemeronasal Organ (VNO) in the nose. The VNO in the nose functions as the distinct sensory apparatus that detects Pheromones. All people they examined had two small holes on both sides of the hard divider in the nose. The holes are found just inside the opening of the nose. A group of clear cells lies just behind these holes. These cells are similar in appearance to nerve cells . These scientist's have concluded these cells are responsible for detecting human sex Pheromones. The Pheromones then transmit to the Hypothalamus in the brain ( the brains center of emotions)a chemical message of sex and sexual attraction.

Scientist's at the University of Utah tested this idea. They placed devices inside the nose. These devices measured cellular activity. They found that only the cells found near the holes inside the nose reacted to air containing Pheromones.

Nexus Pheromone - The worlds most powerful Female Attractant

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Scientist's have also shown in clinical experiments male human Pheromones trigger a subconscious biological sexual response in women. Pheromones are odorless and consciously undetectable to the human nose, but because women have a naturally better defined sense of smell they subconsciously pick up male human Pheromones right away and become instantly sexually attracted to the wearer or the bearer of these Pheromones. Male human Pheromones open the door of attraction and sexuality with any woman.. Women will not know you have them on, but subconsciously these human male Pheromones will communicate you are sexually attractive and stimulate sexual desire in them..

Every meet a women and feel this unbelievable chemistry. Doesn't happen very often, but these are Pheromones at work. Send out that pheromone chemical message of sex to woman and they will crave you, desire you and want to get to know you . Your eye contact with woman will double and women will generally gather around your vicinity and not even know why.. Watch the difference. It really works.

Scientific Research and Studies

Scientific research and studies done on Androstenone are very extensive and having been going on for over 20 years.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky discovered women exposed to pictures of men that were sprayed with the male human pheromone Androstenone found these pictures of those men more sexually attractive then pictures of men that were not sprayed with Pheromones. These scientist's concluded that Pheromones might explain why people often decide as soon as they meet some one that they like or dislike the person.

Researchers have shown in clinical experiments male human Pheromones trigger a subconscious sexual response in women. In one study, this pheromone was sprayed on one chair in dentist's waiting room. The other chairs were not sprayed. It was found women were more likely to sit in the chair that was sprayed with the pheromone then the others.

A similar study was done with three attached pay telephone booths. Only one of these three phones were sprayed with the pheromone and more woman used the sprayed phone than the other two.

Nexus Pheromone - The worlds most powerful Female Attractant

Human Euphoria - Gain influence over women in the workplace

In another reported experiment, twin brothers were used in the testing. Only one of the twins was sprayed with the actual Pheromones. Women found the one twin brother who had the actual pheromone on more sexually attractive than the other. Now, remember these were twins both looking exactly the same, but the twin wearing Pheromones was found more attractive hands down. This experiment was done on a national TV show in England.

An 8-week double blind placebo study was done on Pheromones. Using 40 men, none of them knowing what was being tested. I.E use this toothpaste, use this coffee, use this perfume etc.. The men who had used the perfume with the actual Pheromones reported under baseline questioning that there was more sexual contact with there wife's and girlfriends. Single men reported more dates, romantic affection, eye contact and sex with women.

The most interesting effect this chemical has is that it can alter people's impressions and assessments. A group of test subjects were told that the experiment was to test how the stress of wearing a surgical mask would affect their decisions. They were shown photographs of men, women, animals, trees and buildings and asked to assess them on a scale of aggressive/passive, attractive/unattractive friendly/unfriendly etc., while wearing a mask. They were each tested twice with two weeks in between. What they were not told was that minute quantities of Androstenone were put on the mask on one of the occasions.

Nexus Pheromone - The worlds most powerful Female Attractant

Human Euphoria - Gain influence over women in the workplace

They were shown exactly the same photographs on both occasions and the results to the questions were different in the presence of Androstenone. The assessments of the buildings and trees hardly changed. Animals were judged as rash, more unpredictable but the real differences came in the photographs of other humans. Both men and women were judged to appear more sensitive, good, intelligent, sexually attractive, warm, friendly and confident.

Sales people have found it to have advantages in their dealings with customers. Older people seem to enjoy its effects and notice subtle differences in other people's behavior towards them.

It quite simply influences where men and women sit - women are attracted to chairs sprayed with it and men tend to avoid them. Furniture companies have been known to use it in their showrooms to attract attention to a difficult-to-sell couches and chairs.

Men apply it to themselves in business - to gain additional respect, thereby appearing more domineering or intimidating. Patented for improving debt collection by spraying the final demands - not only do more people pay up, they also pay quicker.

Androstenone is in our product and was designed to increase the average man's attractiveness to Miss Average Women.

The effect a smell has on us depends very much on the way it is presented. If you were lost, cold, wet and hungry in a forest, the smell of woodsmoke would be most welcome. You would go towards the source expecting warmth and possibly even food. Yet in a theater watching a play, the smell of woodsmoke would be like to inspire panic.

Nexus Pheromone - The worlds most powerful Female Attractant

Human Euphoria - Gain influence over women in the workplace

If a man had the smell of territorial aggression about him, yet displayed a gentle caring character, he would be perceived as even more attractive by women. Subconsciously the message she would receive would be that this man would sire stronger offspring and be better able to provide for and protect the resulting family. Echoing the phenomenon in the animal kingdom, where a mate is chosen for his greater strength and vigor.

Conversely an aggressive or threatening character would be all the more intimidating if his message were reinforced with this aroma.

It has been proved by independent research that if you take a row of say ten identical chairs and spray one of them with Androstenone's aggressive odor, women sit on it more often. It is believed that as the chairs offer no difference to the smell message, and are definitely not threatening, women subconsciously go towards them and find it to be some kind of invisible sanctuary. This experiment has been successfully repeated on telephone booths and it was found that not only were those booths used more often by women, so were the ones either side and furthermore the average duration of call increased.

In both of these experiments men reacted quite differently. They tended to avoid both the sprayed chairs and the telephone booths. It is thought that they were keeping away from a territory that has already been claimed by someone more dominant than he was.

Debt collecting letters on the other hand are by their very nature threatening. Sprayed letters were paid more often and slightly quicker. Subconsciously by smell it said someone who is dominant, aggressive and serious sent this letter. The smell equivalents of red print on a bill.

You may think you are attracting more women because you feel more confident wearing this pheromone. This is not the case. You will attract more women because this Pheromone Cologne is backed with a high concentration pheromone that has been proven over the years to attract women and IT DOES...Believe It.. It is worth a try.

Media Splash On Pheromones

The power of Pheromones has been featured in every single major publication, newspaper, national magazine, adult magazines, and television newsmagazine. From 20/20, Hard Copy, Dateline, N.Y. Times, Discovery, Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse, to medical journals and many others to numerous to list.

Pheromones have made such a media splash that two major talk shows dedicated their entire program to this very subject. One company that also markets pheromones perfumes and colognes even ran a 30-minute infomercial on the subject.

Nexus Pheromone - The worlds most powerful Female Attractant

Human Euphoria - Gain influence over women in the workplace


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