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"The Science of Seduction."


The following text is a scientific description of how and why pheromones work.

The word pheromone is derived from the Greek word, "pherein", which means "to carry". Pheromones are naturally occurring tiny chemical molecules that all human beings and animals emit. Pheromones are therefore signals to the opposite sex that trigger a subconscious response of attraction, thus the saying 'natural attraction'. In nature, it is common to see that many animals attract their sexual mates primarily with the release and use of natural pheromones.

All living beings have the need to procreate and therefore need to mate. The secretion of pheromones is nature's way of attracting the opposite sex to one another. Men and women have always known that sexual attraction was partially related to their sense of smell. That is why billions of dollars each year are spent on perfumes and colognes. And even though pheromones are odorless, they are perceived through the Vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the back of the nose, which then sends this information to the brain, which in turn, controls our sexual responses. In essence, the secretion of pheromones is nature's way that someone is attracted to one another. Therefore, it is only logical that the more pheromones you secrete the more desirable you become.


Scientific researches proves that pheromones are quite effective in attracting people of same species. The airborne pheromone chemicals influence a variety of responses in people. Some of them are feeling of safety and security, general well being, and those of sexual attraction. People who produce higher than average amounts of pheromones often have greater success with members of the opposite sex. Likewise, people who don't produce a lot of pheromones can attract fewer potential mates.

However, through tens of thousands of generations, (evolution), the human animal produces this chemical signal not much naturally. That is why lots of companies started manufacturing pheromones artificially. Great majority of the pheromone products are available in the market as a topical form of a synthesized pheromone in a liquid base of alcohol, cologne, or perfume. The pheromone products are applied in the same fashion as colognes and perfumes. Some pheromone products are manufactured in a gel base. The gel base allows for the pheromones to evaporate into a given environment continuously and over time.

Pheromones can be worn just as you would wear any perfume. Apply them to your neck, forearms or any other part of your body. They can be worn anytime you are interested in getting attention from the opposite sex or even just to feel the power of being noticed and attracting others. They can be used on a daily basis to gain an edge in business, at school or at any social event.

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