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Meeting Women

We would like to present for your study, the following informative article on changing the opposite sex's opinion of you, with and without pheromones.

Your Public Face. I don't think most men have any idea of how foreboding they can look to women. Most of the men I saw last night could have frozen water with their faces. I know I've said it before, but it's a very important point since scientists have found that most flirtations are actually set up by women - even though the men aren't usually aware that it's happening.

The mask most men put on to go out in public is one of "don't mess with me" and women follow suit. We don't mess with you. Unless you're Chad Michael Murray or Jude Law gorgeous we don't give you another look, and our gaze moves on to men who look more approachable. As the night wears on, unless alcohol loosens you up and makes you friendlier, you become more and more upset over not meeting any of the cute girls you've been sneaking glances at, and your face gets all the stonier.

Women take you for being an angry pissed off sort and keep away, and by the end of the evening you are just that. A face that keeps others away is important while riding the subway through a dangerous neighborhood, but it's not the right one if you want to be meeting women. The next time you're out at a club or bar notice the expressions and mannerisms of most male bartenders. They're busy, but approachable. They engage women, but don't cling to them because they've got too much going on. It's a great act to follow.

Many of us, myself included, have naturally serious faces. It's important to recognize this, because even if you're not putting up a front when you go out, unless you make a serious effort to look approachable you won't seem to be. This doesn't mean you have to be a totally goof ball trying to entertain strangers, but it does mean you need to do things that make you appear approachable. I recommend you try the following;

1) When possible, go out with a friend who gets you out of your shell and talking. When women see men out enjoying themselves with a friend or two they find them more approachable. This, however, changes when it becomes a large group of men who have their own party going on

2) Sit at the bar, when possible, instead of standing against a wall. Engage the people around you in small talk from time to time to show that you're approachable and social.

3) If the place is packed don't stay in one spot too long. Chances are you won't see someone you like just from one spot, nor will she see you. If you do see someone you like you don't want to be stuck in one place where you'll constantly be glancing at her. Don't, however, walk the club like a caged panther looking for an escape.

Meeting Women in Seven Easy Steps - Yes, I did give a guy my number last night. I'm going to share exactly how he pulled it off, because it was pretty smooth:

1) First off, he was with a few friends who were sitting on a couch, while I was sitting at the bar. I first noticed them because they seemed to be enjoying themselves while so many other men in the club looked pretty angry or bored.

2) Secondly, the first time he spoke to me he just asked if I knew the band currently playing. I admitted I didn't, and then he asked who I was there to see. It was clever way to approach me because there was no way I could give a bitchy response unless I was an absolute bitch.

3) When the band he was there to see came on he approached again and asked what I thought of them. Fortunately for him they were really good. This gave us something to chat about a bit. He introduced himself and then went back to his friends.

4) After my girlfriend arrived he came up again and asked if we'd each like a drink. That was very cool, very chivalrous. I knew he was angling to talk more to me but I like that he included my friend. It's easy to do because she's very attractive and charming, but that shouldn't stop you from including the friend of the woman you're attracted to. It's easy to let the one you're really interested in know, hold her eye contact longer, and touch her on the arm or shoulder when talking to her.

5) He watched the band I'd come to see with us and gave them generous compliments. I know some men think that being "cocky and contrary" interests and excites women but it only turns me off. I'm looking for someone I have common interests with to enjoy my free time, not someone I have to debate.

6) He never stayed with us for more than fifteen minutes or more at a time and then he would go back to his friends, which showed they mattered to him. Towards the end of the evening when the bar had space he brought his friend up and introduced him, which showed nice manners.

7) He asked me if I'd like to go to a movie sometime rather than just asking for my number. I like a man with a plan. Let a woman know you'd like to take her out rather than just banter with her on the phone.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to have more success with women. Remember to compliment your appearance and gain more dates with pheromones!

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