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Meeting Women

GFL presents the following article on how to get Better at Talking to Women.

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Practice, Practice, Practice! Before you set your sights on the woman you really want to seduce, ease into conversing with women by practicing as often as you can. The best way to approach the subject of how to meet women, is to get better at talking to women. There are attractive women everywhere, at the supermarket, the dry cleaner, the car wash, the gym.too intimidating to start with attractive women? Start with grandmothers! Smile warmly, say hello, and gradually lengthen to a short amicable conversation. Once you can chat briefly and charmingly with the women who remind you of your mother or your sister, you can start talking to the ones that make your heart and your libido flutter.

The next step? Challenge yourself to start up a mild flirtation with a woman you think is cute that you see regularly. This is all about practicing your skills. Work your way up from smiling to short, sweet, conversations that include your holding her eye contact, and eventually giving her a thoughtful compliment. If You Want Women To Be Interested In You, Be Interesting To Women Women really aren't that hard to please. We really aren't. We like men who make us laugh. We like men who have a sense of purpose to their lives. We like men who own their values, like themselves, and have interests besides their work and sports. We like men who cook, even if it's only a few dishes. We like men who change their sheets regularly, all on their own.

Playboy Magazine calls sex and relationship educator Sari Locker "Our favorite tantalizing sex writer." I think if you've ever read her book "The Complete Idiots Guide to Being Sexy" you'll agree. In Chapter 8 of this book Sari recommends a few pointers on catching the interest of the opposite sex. Among the pointers are a) Standing up straight and tall and b) Speaking with a calm deep voice. I know these seem like simple, obvious points, but I cannot believe how many men have terrible posture, or speak in a hurried voice that raises their pitch.

Slow down guys, use those lovely deep voices on us, and stand up straight! If You Want Women To Be Interested In You, Be Interested In Women - As People Most importantly women like men who like us as people, and not just something to jump on in your spare time when you're overwhelmed by lust (sure, some players get away with this behavior-either because they're as good looking as the women they pursue, or the women they pursue lack brains and self esteem). Lust is only appealing when it's a two way street. Until you're sure of a woman's carnal interest in you, flirt with her, but don't pant at her! In her great book "Secrets of Seduction" writer Brenda Venus shares this seduction secret "Every woman wants you to think that she's smart.

If you ignore her intelligence, you are ignoring her. If you're interested in her mind as well as her body, I guarantee you will have an advantage over every other man vying for her attention." How to Meet Women - You Want To Talk To Her? Make It Easy! On her fantastic website www.shakeyourshyness.com Dr. Renee Gilbert suggests some great tips for overcoming our fear of talking to new people. My favorite idea of hers is "Make things easy for the other person. This is a tough one, because as shy people, most of us are too busy worrying about ourselves-about how we look, what we say, and whether other people will like us." But unless you're willing to step outside of yourself and be open to communicating with a woman, you'll never really connect with her.

Without connecting with a woman seduction is impossible. If You Want To Be A Woman's Lover Don't Friend Your Way Into Her Life We've told you this before, but it needs to be repeated. If you're interested in a woman for romance and/or sex don't become her invaluable best friend. Of course you can be friendly, and you should be friendly (and charming), but don't think by rushing in and "being there" for her is going to make her hot and bothered for you. Nope. Not going to happen. If you're interested in a woman for romance or sex you need to keep that door open in her mind. You need to establish chemistry and sexual tension with her before you go out and spend any friendly time together. No rushing in to fix her car, or build her shelf unit, until you've got some solid flirting going both ways.

How to Meet Women - Knowing When A Woman's Interested In You Whether you're in South Dakota or South America women throughout the world and throughout time have flirted the same way. We catch your eye across the room, drop it, and then look back-repeatedly. Two of my male friends have a three look rule. If a woman catches their gaze, drops it and repeats three times, they MUST walk across the room and talk to her. They're right! If, on the other hand, you're the one who walks up and talks to a woman you're interested in, you'll be able to tell she's really interested if she a) holds your gaze for long periods of time, looks at your mouth and then back b) tilts her head to the side while doing both c) touches you to emphasize a point while she's talking to you. Don't Ruin Winning Her Number By Waiting Three Days I know many men swear by this, but it tends to drive women nuts-and not in a good way.

Rather than waiting three days and risking the chance of her being angry by the time you call, or worse, totally forgetting that she gave you her number in the first place, wait a day, or two, at the most and then call her for something casual. Dating is expensive! Wait until you know you like each other before you plan to take her out for dinner, instead ask her to meet you for coffee at some casual but cool coffee house. Only Fools Rush In, Casanova Takes His Time Recently I met a very charming young actress named Angela who put it best. "Men are like blow torches." She said.

"Women are like ovens. I need time to warm up. I need three dates with a guy before I know whether or not I like and trust him." It's true fellas, women tend to warm up to the idea of a new man romantically, and even sexually, slower than the man has warmed up to her. No, you don't want to be slow in acting on the attraction to the point of being timid, but you do want to give some time for her interest and desire in her to build. Most of all you want to leave her wanting more.

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