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Multiple Male Orgasm

GFL presents the following descriptive article on the male multiple orgasm. The male multiple orgasm is based on the control and stabilization of the ejaculatory ducts.

At GFL we are one of the first companies to offer a product to assist the process described below. That products is Semenax, which not only will increase orgasm intensity, but will increase the volume of sperm production by up to 500%.

If you have ever wondered how the actors in the adult movie industry are able to orgasm and ejaculate over and over again - Semenax is the answer!

Male multiple orgasm means that you can make love, orgasm and continue making love, without your penis becoming soft after orgasm. In other words, you don't have to stop having sex just because you've orgasmed. Most people would say that they wish sex could go for longer. And many women would say it is the number one sex problem affecting their relationship.

It's easy to increase the chances of reaching this level, when using our supplement, Semenax

To achieve male multiple orgasm, you need to be able to control your ejaculation using the muscles in your body. You also need to maintain vigilance over your mind, and not lose it to the pleasurable rush of orgasm.

One of the keys to learning achieve male multiple orgasms is to understand that your normal orgasm is actually made up of 2 separate things - the feeling of orgasm, and, your ejaculation (the output of semen, the muscles throbbing). These events normally happen simultaneously in a man's traditional normal orgasm. The ejaculation component makes your penis go soft after you orgasm, not the feelings of pleasure. If you could prevent your ejaculation, but keep the feelings of pleasure when you orgasm, then your penis will stay hard and you can keep having sex and continue having more orgasms.

There are several ways to achieve this - you can control the muscles that normally contract to force your semen out, by concentrating on keeping them still and quiet within your body. Or, you can learn to strengthen your PC muscle and squeeze it shut so it blocks off your ejaculation. If you learn to control the muscles that are usually involved in your orgasm, then you can control your entire orgasm and turn it into a multiple orgasm, rather than a single one-shot orgasm. There is a point during lovemaking - and interestingly enough, it's not exactly while you are having your orgasm - but just before your orgasm strikes - which is the window of opportunity to achieve multiple orgasms. It's during this period that you take control of your muscles, then go into your orgasm, and enjoy the blissful feeling while preventing your ejaculation from spurting out and making your penis go soft.

Controlling your ejaculation is no mean feat - it does take training and practice, but it is a fairly simple process and once achieved it will deliver a lot more pleasure!

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We hope you found this information useful. If you would like assistance with this new technique and to benefit from increased frequency of orgasm and ejaculation improvement, Semenax is for you!

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