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Fertility Blend for Men
Improved Sperm Production

Spermamax (Fertility Blend for Men) is a validated herbal and nutritional blend designed to enhance male fertility by improving enhancements to sperm quality, Sperm Count and Sperm Motility (spontaneous motion).

This is a "Fertility-Based" product.

For products to increase sperm volume and production (not fertility), please click here .

This premium combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals improves overall health and helps address many of the deficiencies known to decrease fertility health.

Please do consider purchasing a 3 month Supply
(The "Three Month Plan"). This will enable optimum results for your fertility and overall improvement in sperm quality.

Spermamax Fertility Blend

Results Guaranteed!

Spermamax is a 4-Star rated enhancement. Please see below for more information.
Spermamax - Fertility Blend for Men

Fertility Blend for Men

Spermamax Fertility Blend for Men - Increase your Fertility and Virility

. Increase Male Fertility

Improve Overall Sperm Production

. Improve Sperm Quality

. Improve Sperm Integrity

. Improve Sperm Motility

. Improve Sperm Morphology

Only $59.95 for one bottle / 1 month supply

$139.95 for 3 bottles / 3 months supply
(You save over $40!) on t
he "Three Month Plan"

(Secure Online Purchase)

GFL Presents the wildly-popular fertility blend for men

What is Fertility Blend - And How Does it Work?

Fertility Blend for Men is not a drug. It is a daily nutritional supplement. It is used as a "soft" approach to optimize fertility in a natural manner, as an option prior to, or instead of, "hard" options such as in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Spermamax - Fertility Blend for Men contains the following ingredients

. L-Carnitine (see chart opposite)
. Vitamin C
. Vitamin E
. Vitamin B
. Folate
. Zinc Glutonate
. Selenium

The amino acid, L-carnitine, has been shown to be critical to the formation of healthy sperm

Vitamins C & E, Green Tea and Selenium
Potent antioxidants that help improve sperm count, sperm quality and provide an improvement in overall reproductive health.

Ferulic acid
An antioxidant found in Dong Quai, has also been shown to improve sperm quality.

Zinc and B vitamins (B6, B12 and folate)
Critical nutrients in male reproductive systems for several benefits, including hormone metabolism, sperm formation and motility.

L-CARNITINE is an amino acid that has been shown to be critical to the formation of healthy, active sperm.

Fertility Blend for Men

"The daily nutritional supplement that has been scientifically shown to enhance male fertility by enhancing sperm count, sperm health, and sperm motility."

Spermamax has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels thereby improving spermatogenesis and male sexual function. It has been described by many as the answer to couples who can't wait or cannot afford IVF.

Spermamax works in two major ways to improve fertility. First, it is a powerful testosterone and Androgen booster. This group of hormones is primarily responsible for sexual expression and healthy function.

Boosting Androgen levels is particularly important if you are a man attempting to have a child later in life. While not experiencing the precipitous drop that women do during menopause, male androgen levels decrease from 100% during the mid-20's to around 20% as a senior citizen.


Results Guaranteed
Nutritional deficiency, increased EMS exposure, stress and pollution all serve to magnify these declines. Studies show a worldwide decline of in male testosterone levels of approximately 50%.

Spermamax stimulates the gonadotropins to naturally and safely improve testosterone levels by affecting the LH feedback loop. It is therefore effective even in men with hypogonadism. Increased testosterone not only directly improves spermatogenesis and the production of healthy sperm. It also increases metabolism. Our studies have shown marked improvements in motility of sperm.
Spermamax - Fertility Blend for Men is also a powerful Anti-Oxidant. Antioxidant rich herbs block the formation of free radicals in the body which can be harmful to developing sperm cells. Free radicals are responsible for cellular wall and DNA, and improper function of hormone interactions and over time, aging.


SpermamaxT Fertility Blend for Men


User Testimonials

"I was not able to father a child for about four months. I thought I have some serious problems with my fertility functions, but doctor advised me to try SPERMAMAX before worrying. To my surprise, two-months SPERMAMAX course helped me, and now I'm a proud father of 3-months-old beautiful girl. Both me and my wife are really happy. Thank you!"
James C. CI, USA (more)

"I was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with my sperm count, I always seemed to be able to product quite a lot of semen; but after many months of trying to get my girlfriend pregnant, I finally decided to get checked up... to my surprise I was told I had low sperm count and motility levels. The Doctor told me that it was nothing to do with the amount of fluid produced, it was down to the actual quality of the sperm. IVF is too expensive for me, and I couldn't afford it. I heard about the herbal IVF alternatives available, and decided to try out Spermamax... amazingly at my next checkup I was told I was back up to the average level of sperm count and also sperm motility. Now I'm looking forward to trying again for the child we want so much!. Thanks for changing my life!!"
Robert L. Bucks, UK

"I had some tests done and I was told by a doctor that I would never be able to conceive a child, and if I did it would probably be a 15% chance that I would actually be able to carry it to term. But my husband and I (with a little help from Spermamax!) certainly proved him wrong!"
Laura M & Craig D & R.D (10 weeks old). CA, USA (more)

"I just wanted to tell you about our story. We had been trying to conceive for 2-1/2 years, we had been through several different infertility treatments and hadn't gotten any results. We took ourselves off of the infertility medicines in July and first heard of SPERMAMAX in November after seeing it on television. I went out and bought my husband and I a bottle of SPERMAMAX and I'm now pregnant! A big Thank You."
Trisha S & Mike S. SY, Australia

"I am 33 years old, my husband and I have been married for four years. For the last three and 1/2 years we have been trying to have baby. At first we started out with Clomid. We were on the Clomid for six months and it did nothing. We went back to our first OBGYN and he told us he couldn't do anymore for us and we would have to go to a fertility specialist. After careful consideration we switched to a new OBGYN. The first thing he did was administer a Hystosalpingogram and we found out that there was nothing wrong with my tubes. We then tried another round of Clomid with no success. Last March our OBGYN said that he couldn't go any further and we would need a reproductive specialist. In May we had our first consultation. She looked at us and told us she was going to have us pregnant by August. She got my hopes up to high. In July we started taking Repronex, we took the shots for two weeks, had progesterone levels taken every other day along with ultrasounds. It was very depressing to see 14 eggs in your ovaries and know that they weren't going to be fertilized. We did artificial insemination and two weeks later my period started and cysts developed. Dr. K. said we would have to wait another month before we could start treatments again. We decided to speak to our OBGYN about possibly having endometriosis. He did a laparoscopcy and found no scare tissue. The only answer anyone could give us was that I had irregular periods. In December, Dr. K. did another Hystosalpinogram and once again my tubes were fine. I asked her why we couldn't get pregnant and she had no answer for me. Then in December we were watching News Channel 6 in Columbus, Ohio. They did a health segment on SPERMAMAX. Coincidentally the Doctor going against SPERMAMAX in the segment was Dr. K.. She said that most infertility was due to the tubes being closed. At the end of the segment my husband and I decided to try SPERMAMAX. We took it for three months and in those three months my periods were 28-30 days on the nose, I knew exactly when we were ovulating because we used an ovulation kit. I am happy to say that with the help of SPERMAMAX my husband and I are having our first baby which is due December 19, 2003. What a great Christmas gift. We have told several of our friends about your product and our OBGYN even asked how we accomplished this. He is always looking for new products to help women like me get pregnant. Once again, thank you for giving me the one thing in life that I have wanted for so long but could never have.
Shelly A. Ohio, USA

"I didn't believe that non surgical options were possible, until I saw Spermamax advertised on television. I ordered a 3 month supply, and within 10 weeks I was given the best news ever!.. my wife is pregnant!! - AND IT IS TWINS!!! The babies are due in Summer 2005. This will be the best year of my life... I can't thank you enough for helping me help my wife get what she's always wanted. Spermamax really works. Please use this as a comment on the website, you have my permission and extreme gratitude. Anyone who is considering IVF or any other really expensive procedures should try Spermamax first, money isn't really an issue when it comes to things like this, but waiting in line for treatment can be really frustrating... at the end we didn't even need IVF, Spermamax gave us the results without the worry!. Many thanks, Jason..."
J McCall. Dublin, Ireland

Fertility Blend - Frequently Asked Questions

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SpermamaxT Fertility Blend for Men


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