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Female Thoughts on Penis Size

This article covers the hottest of all male enhancement topics - What do women think about penis size? If you don't match up to expectation, don't worry!! - With our proven penis enhancements, you can be sure that you will live up to their wildest expectations. Read more about our penile enhancements by visiting the "Penis" section of this site.

From pills to patches, and oils to enlarger devices, we are certain you will find a product to allow you to live up to those female desires on penis sizes.

We've all heard those comments about male endowment but what do women really have to say about penis size? Read on and see how a bunch of feisty females responded to the perennial question: "What's the perfect penis size?" W said: I don't know where you got those responses that penis size isn't important but the reality of it is size does matter to both the man and woman. A man with a large penis has the confidence that he can satisfy any woman and after all making love for the man is all about confidence.

More and more research is showing that a larger penis does give more pleasure to a woman especially the girth of the penis. This is why with VigRX for Men, the designers have attempted to address not only length, but also girth, which studies show is almost (or more) as important.

I have never seen a six inch or less dildo. Dildos are all designed large. Women brag about their mens size and I think that just making love with a man with a large penis makes them feel like more of a woman. Women seem to think something terrible will happen if they suddenly come clean that larger is better. I was just on a website from a university study showing that young college girls like larger penises. Maybe the next generation will be more honest.

Sarah said:
Each woman is different physically, so there's not really a "universal" perfect size. Me? I'm little, so my perfect size is probably 4-5 inches. But one of my friends is a little larger and she likes 5-7 inches. That being said... in my experience, size hasn't been the factor that ultimately made sex good or bad.

A Player said: I like 'em the size of a nice big juicy cucumber.

A Good Time Girl said:
To me, size absolutely does NOT matter. I'm 4'11" and very petite, so I don't need a whole lot of penis to fill me up. There was one guy who was so small that I wasn't sure if we'd had sex after we were done. (He was probably a couple of inches long and skinny as a pencil.)

But anything bigger than that is generally ok. It's true that there's some "size queens" out there (women who just love really big penises), but that seems to be more of a mental thing than a physical need.

Sporty Girl said:
Girth is probably more important to me than length. Having said that, the perfect size for me is about 6 inches.

A Good Time Girl said:
8" long, 6" around is good for me... but if you know how to use what you've got, it goes a LOOOOOOOOOONG way! A Player said: You really want to rock our world? Follow this simple advice: start us off with oral sex. And if you make a few groans of pleasure while you're down there so we think you're enjoying it, this will dramatically enhance our excitement and pleasure. When your woman is ready for sex, ask her which sexual position she prefers.

Trust me, all women have their favorite position. Mine is being on top and having my boyfriend use his hands to stimulate me; this is one of the best ways for women to climax during actual intercourse. It gives us control and feels great -- and with this position, it doesn't really matter what size he is. Also, if you're handy with a vibrator, try that out. Talk about fun!

Okay, guys. Here's some general information.

1. Four to eight inches is considered the normal range of penis size for adult males.
2. Five and a half inches is the average length of the adult penis.
3. There is no correlation between penis size and height.
4. Black guys are slightly larger than white guys, and Asian guys are slightly smaller
5. Width IS more important that length.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it does make sense that if you are smaller that these average women desire, it may make sense for you to make use of an enhancement product. We offer a wide range of enhancements, which can be viewed here.

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Hopefully this article has given you more information on what female thoughts on penis sizes are. Don't worry if you don't measure up, there are some awesome enhancements available. All of our penis enhancements come with a full money-back guarantee!

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