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Dating Success

GFL presents our latest new article, which is on the ever-popular subject of dating success. Our immediate suggestion for dramatic improvements in successful dating is to go for a pheromone product, the only real way to improve dating success.

Pheromones are scientifically proven to increase your sex-appeal to women!

A lot of guys fall into the trap of thinking that if you just go after a woman that isn't too challenging for you, you can have sex and not have to deal with all that bullshit. The fact is that your mind knows when you have settled for less, and you'll find yourself wanting out so badly so quickly. Every guy has probably tried this at one time or another and learned the horrible truth, the way you have after your initial one or two dates. With pheromones you are guaranteed continued dating success!

Normally you or they don't have enough to attract you / her back for more, and so you bounce back and forth between the ones you want (but have a tough time overcoming the intimidation) and the ones you don't want (that are easy, because you're not as invested in the outcome.) I believe you're going to have to work your way into this a little. It's just not reasonable to think you can jump in the deep end of the pool if you find yourself freaking out as you walk down the steps into the shallow end. Women have extremely keen sense when it comes to your confidence.

Attractive women doubly so. If you're not congruent with all your body language, attitude, and words, she'll sniff you right out. Women who are attractive get a lot of interest from men, and a lot of interest from men they have no interest in. So what would YOU do if you kept getting approached all day long by women you weren't interested in? You'd learn clever ways to blow them off or get them out of your hair. You'd put up fake obstacles that would challenge the wimps (and the wimps would fail), and the ones that overcame those obstacles could stay on the island a little longer.

The average girls you find are probably easier to be relaxed around, and as a result you find that you have no problems with them. OH, except one... You're not ATTRACTED to them. I hate it when that happens. My question is that if you are finding it easy to communicate with the average girls, why should good looking ones be ANY DIFFERENT? (Trick question - They're NOT.) You see, what you've got is a mental block that most guys have, we suggest to terminate this block by using pheromones. All three of the girls will immediately find you even more attractive than you find them!.

Start approaching the hot women. With you new pheromone giving you a huge dating success advantage, you're going to find that attractive women no longer freak you out in the slightest. You'll have conquered your Mt. Everest, and all for the low price of a pheromone scent!

It's no wonder that we have thousands of repeat customers of our pheromones. One scent of your pheromone from a women is enough to have her bending to your will. Don't go in for those expensive courses and ebooks offering 1001 dating tips - Just get yourself a pheromone, and watch them go weak at the knees.

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