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Confidence With Women

Another common questions we receive here at GFL is on the very important subject of confidence with women. Many men struggle to approach women with any degree of self-confidence. This is not the best way to initiate a relationship!

Our solution is to use Pheromone products to give both your sex appeal and self-confidence a boost, When you use pheromones you are sending out an imperceptible signal to the opposite sex that you are a confident man. Pheromones have been scientifically proven to improve sex appeal.

It may sound crazy, but what you're feeling and the scent your are giving off as you approach a woman you find attractive is just as important as the first thing you say to her. We move forward into action already anticipating the response. So depending on how you're feeling when you approach a woman you're usually anticipating success - or more often - failure.

Then you anticipate how you'll feel in response to this response (i.e. frustration, anger, etc.) and this feeling then permeates your whole being. Every one of your molecules quiver with the energy of what you "think" might happen. Yep, my good men, your anticipation of failure can make you a walking "dark cloud" women decide they want to avoid from a mile away...

One of the problems of approaching women is this fear of rejection; but as our customers attest, with pheromones at your disposal not only does this fear diminish (Your confidence is sub-conciously boosted with the knowledge you are wearing pheromones), but you can be certain that your advance with be looked on positively. This is due to the scientific effect caused by the pheromone.

It's the anticipation of failure that puts women off. If you approach them with 100% confidence, it makes a world of difference. Pheromone can be the difference between scoring, and not scoring. When you next attempt to approach a lady, I suggest focusing on your "pheromone output". That's right, what I propose you try is to remove yourself from the "success" or "failure" game of anticipation all together, and rely on your scent to attract her to you.

With Nexus Pheromone, you are guaranteed to have more success with women. Pheromones are the proven way to make women far more receptive to your advances.

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Read for yourself how Nexus Pheromone can help you attract more women, more often. What are you waiting for? Attract women scientifically with our new pheromones product.

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Hopefully these tips and knowledge will help you with your confidence with women.

Remember that all of our products (Pheromones and other products) come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the results you will receive all of your money back! - This is a promise, and one that is 100% Guaranteed!

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