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Attracting Girls

GFL presents the following informative article on attracting girls. Attracting more girls is easy with the use of our proven pheromone concentrates.

We offer a complete money-back guarantee on our pheromones. If you don't get success, you will be completely refunded - and that is a promise!

GFL Men men know that women are more socialized than men. They know polite conversation comes easily to many women and don't confuse it with a woman who's really flirting (they know a woman who's really flirting will lean towards the man with her body, tilt her head to the side while listening and speaking to him, and will touch him to emphasize a point she's making).

*Lesser Men think any woman who pays them any friendly attention is flirting.
*GFL Men men know that success in flirting and dating is a numbers game.

You've got to get out there and practice to succeed.

*Lesser Men pine away for that one special woman - all the while building absolutely no skills what-so-ever to deal with her when the chance comes.

*GFL Men men know that women expect men to make the first move.
*Lesser Men waste their energy being angry that women won't approach them.

GFL Men men who have a great time dancing with a woman at a club don't cling to her the whole night. He knows less is more and knows it's better to walk away and join his friends for awhile before dancing with her again. Lesser Men dance one great dance with a girl at a club and then think she's his.

GFL Men men know that women love to dance and love to show off their moves to men with their girlfriends - he waits for an obvious signal before cutting in. Lesser Men think that any woman dancing with her friends is fair game and barges in to dance with her without the woman giving any signal that she's interested.

GFL Men men know you never become best friends with a woman you're enamored of. Lesser Men believe they can "friend" their way to a woman's heart by just "being there" enough for her. GFL Men men know how to listen to a woman rather than just talk at a woman about themselves. Lesser Men spend so much time in their own head's that when they finally do get a chance to speak to a woman they desire - they bore her to death with "me-me-me".

GFL Men men know that talking too much about the money they earn, or bragging about accomplishments, tends to attract women who only care about money and success. Lesser Men think the more they list off their accomplishments to a woman the more impressed she'll be. GFL Men men do what they say they're going to do, but don't promise too much. Lesser Men let the world overwhelm them and forget where and when they said they'd be places. GFL Men men keep a bit of mystery going with a woman. Lesser Men spill their emotional guts to a woman in the first fifteen minutes of knowing them

GFL Men men know how to relay their sexual interest without being heavy handed about it (i.e. he puts his hand on the small of her back while following her to the table at dinner, touches his knee to hers under the table). A woman is not only expecting the good night kiss at the end of the date, she's waiting for it. Lesser Men are embarrassed by their sexual desire for a woman so they don't clue in a woman to it at all - until they try and jump on her for a kiss at the end of the night.

GFL Men men know the approach to the first kiss is important.best to be slow and smooth. *A lame ass is so desperate to kiss the woman he shoves his tongue down her throat at the first opportunity. GFL Men men know that the more attractive, intelligent and popular a woman is the more she expects from the men she dates.

Lesser Men are sure that the porn actress on the screen (at home on video) would give him a chance if they were together in the right place and time and she really knew him. He also believes the same about the hot waitress at the local bar, the receptionist at his Doctor's office, and his best friend's sister. GFL Men men know there are many diamonds in the rough out there in the female dating pool if you'll just keep your eyes open and have some imagination.

Lesser Men expect the women they date to be as buffed and polished as the actresses and models they see on T.V. GFL Men men know that for a great sex life both partners need to be in touch with their sexuality and ready to explore. Lesser Men think the "good girl" they married will suddenly bloom into a wildcat in the bedroom on the wedding night. GFL Men men know learning everything you know about sex from porn isn't learning anything.they know porn isn't really sex, porn is sex acted out in ways to appeal to and turn on men - not most women.

GFL Men men know if you want to really learn about sex you'll read as many different articles and books as you can get your hands on. Lesser Men base their entire knowledge of sex on porn videos and magazines. GFL Men men know that the more you know how to turn on a woman the more she'll want to have sex. Lesser Men are ready to blame everything else for a woman's disinterest in sex rather than facing the fact that their own skills may be lacking. GFL Men men know that some women need to be asked many times (and even cajoled a bit) before they're really be honest about their sexual needs and desires.

Lesser Men don't think to ask a woman what she wants and needs sexually. GFL Men men know that no matter how many men's magazines tell you that doggy-style is a woman's favorite position it rarely is - so you'd better ask (and if it is you'd better be prepared to have your hand stimulating her clit in order for her to really enjoy herself). Lesser Men are sure real women would love sex they way they do it in porn films if they'd just learn to relax and enjoy it.

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Hopefully this article helps you in your quest to attract girls. For guaranteed success in attracting girls, we highly recommend using a pheromone product. Pheromones are nature's secret sexual weapon!

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