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Penis Enlargement

GFL would like to present for your information; the following penis enlargement article.
The information below contains almost everything you should consider when you look for or purchase a penis enlargement solution. From the reasons why, to the methods available to you, and things you should look out for when the time comes to make your purchase

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Everything You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement

My aim for this article is to be as informative as possible about the very prominent issue of penis size. I will be touching upon typical and average penis sizes, issues on penis size and whether it matters, natural penis enlargement techniques, tips and problems one may encounter, other methods of penis enlargement, and my own experiences thus far with penis enlargement.

I will begin with the issue of average penis size. It is almost certain that all men will at some point in their lives question if they are "adequate" or not. Sex experts continually emphasize that as far as women's list of "physical wants" goes, penis size is not really all that important at all. However despite this it is fair to see that most men perceive the size of their tool to be very important, and a huge factor in their masculinity and ability to perform sexually. It is also fair to say that if a man feels his penis size is not adequate, he will suffer from depression and lack of confidence, which I personally have been through, and sometimes still do. This is not necessarily because they actually do have a small penis, it may just be that they believe that they do, when in fact they are well within the ranges deemed to be "average".

In my opinion, the only way to get some sort of idea of the average penis size is to take a reasonable sample of men and independently measure their erect penis dimensions. Many surveys have been conducted by mens magazines and other organizations, which rely on the participants to measure their own penises and send in the results. Obviously this data is not reliable as men will tend to exaggerate the size of their penises, or measure incorrectly, leading to great inaccuracies in the data. 2 of these surveys I wish to focus on are those of Alfred C Kinsey and Durex Condoms.

The Kinsey study was conducted in 1948 using data collected from 3500 college males. Analysis of the Kinsey data suggests that the average erect length of the 3500 subjects was 6.21 inches and average erect circumference (girth) measured 4.85 inches. The erect length was measured from the tip of the penis to the pubic area, and girth was measure around the middle of the erect penis. While this information may seem valuable, it is very important to note that the subjects measured themselves, by holding a postcard against their penises, marking where the tip of the penis ended, and posting the postcard. Because of this the information may not be entirely accurate as it is fair to assume that some of the men will have exaggerated their size. In addition, only white males were used for the study.

The Durex survey was conducted entirely on the Internet on an anonymous basis. Already, just from this information one can assume that the information is not going to be entirely accurate. Gathering data from around 3000 men from 27 different countries, the survey concluded that average erect length is 6.4 inches, and average erect girth at the thickest point of the penis is 5.1 inches.

So both these surveys that rely on men measuring themselves have returned average values of over 6 inches for length. However if we look at the more accurate surveys where the subjects are independently measured, the results are more modest. The main survey I wish to discuss is that by Lifestyles Condoms, conducted in 2001 using 300 subjects, mostly US college students. They were measured independently by qualified medical staff and as before, measured from the tip of the penis to the pubic area. The results showed that average erect length was 5.877 inches and average erect girth was 4.972 inches. More interestingly, 54% of the men measured between 5.5 inches and 6.3 inches in erect length and 53% measured between 4.725 inches and 5.118 inches in girth. In addition, a Brazilian urologist who recently accurately measured 150 subjects reported that average erect length was 5.7 inches and average girth 4.7 inches.

These results show that men measuring themselves do indeed exaggerate their size, and to conclude, considering all of the information, it is reasonable to suggest that the "average" erect penis measures between 5.5 and 6.5 inches in length and between 4.5 and 5.5 inches in girth. It would appear that well over 50% of men in any given population fall within these figures. The percentages of men reporting larger size diminish proportionally to the size, for example, the Kinsey data details that 17% of the 3500 men studied reported an erect length or 7 inches or above, while only 1.8% of men reported an erect length of 8 inches or over. However using natural penis enlargement techniques from Penis Health, these sizes can easily be attainable by anyone, including you!

That's all on the issue of average penis size, I will now discuss probably the most important issues, does size matter? This is an issue, which is very debatable. Some people will say that it does, and give good reasons to support this, while others will say it doesn't, also with good reasons to back this up.

To start, the main sensitive area of the vagina is in the first 3 inches. The fabled "G-spot" is approximately one inch into the vagina on the front wall. It is NOT as some people believe deep inside the vagina (6 inches + inside). This information would suggest that a man with even a 3 or 4 inch penis can satisfy a woman sexually. However it is not quite this simple. The nervous system of the vagina is stimulated by the motion of the penis moving back and forth against the vaginal nerves, thus causing friction and the associated stimulation and pleasure. Therefore, if you have a longer penis, each stroke will last longer and cause more stimulation of the vaginal nerves. One would argue that in order to compensate for this, a man with a shorter penis can stimulate the woman to the same degree as someone with a larger penis by simply thrusting quicker. For example if a man with an 8 inch penis thrusted once every 2 seconds, a man with a 4 inch penis could provoke the same level of pleasure by doubling the speed, thrusting once every second. However this is a very basic way of looking at things and it's not so simple in reality.

My research and experience indicates that it is girth, which is the main factor to a woman. In fact, an extra long penis is even questionably desirable since it may penetrate too deeply and pain the delicate cervix. When questioned, many women say they would prefer a short and fat penis to a long pencil penis. However it is sufficient to say that in any given situation a woman will prefer a longer and thicker penis to a smaller one. While a short penis can stimulate a woman, a larger penis, while not necessarily "better", is always going to be more desirable to a woman, and they certainly seem to find larger penises more visually stimulating. However in a relationship penis size is far from the most important factor and many men take their size way too seriously, as I have already stated, smaller penises can still produce a lot of pleasure from a woman. In my opinion, penis size matters more the men than women! And if you are not happy with your penis size, you can do something about it using penis enlargement!

Before I go into natural penis enlargement, I would like to quickly touch upon the other methods available that claim to enlarge your penis. The four main other methods commonly discussed are penis pumps, penis surgery, weighting and stretching devices, and penis pills.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis pumps
Pumps consist of a plastic cylinder, into which the erect penis is placed. At the base of the cylinder there is an airtight seal. Through the use or either an electric or hand pump, the air within the cylinder is then extracted and the resulting vacuum forces increased volumes of blood to be drawn into the penis. This is a similar theory to that of the "jelq" in natural penis enlargement, forcing more blood into the penis. This increased volume of blood in turn causes the erect penis to temporarily swell in size. The results achieved in erection size are often similar to those experienced during extreme sexual arousal, when the penis is engorged with blood to its full capacity. Although pumps certainly engorge the penis to capacity and result in immediate gains, the effects as mentioned above are in the main only temporary and are lost within a few hours. Penis pumps cannot increase the natural capacity of the erectile chambers, something that is necessary for permanent gains. In addition there can be some negative side effects such as blisters, reduction in sensitivity and problems getting stable, hard erections. More seriously, burst blood vessels can cause bruising or at worst hemorrhages.

I certainly would not recommend using pumps if you are serious about achieving permanent gains. In addition to the extra expense of pumps, the long term problems that may occur through penile stretching just are not worth to problems that pumps may cause. We would always recommend natural solutions first.

Penis Surgery
Something I would very strongly recommend against. The 2 main methods of penis surgery aim to increase length and girth respectively. The first technique involves cutting the suspensory ligaments supporting the penis, causing it to droop lower and appear larger. The penis is then stretched as the ligaments heal in order to prevent them from healing shorted than before. Without continuous stretching the gains may be lost. While this can give good increases in flaccid length, it is erect length that matters, and this technique typically only increases erect length by 0.2 - 0.3 inches, if at all. In addition, side effects can include a significant reduction in the angle of erection as well as increased susceptibility to injury

The method of increasing girth involves removing tissue and fat from the buttocks and inserting them into the penile shaft. This can increase flaccid girth by up to an inch, and erect girth by up to 0.7 inches. However there can also be complications and side effects with this method, including drastic curving of the penis and asymmetry.
With both methods, there are many risks, as in any operation, of things going wrong. It is suggested that penis surgery is only considered for those with documented medical issues, and not for people who just want a bigger penis. Finally, penis surgery will set you back between 3000 and 10000 dollars!!!

Stretching and Weighting Devices
Such devices rely upon the principle of tensile force and the body's natural ability to adapt under these influences. It has been proven that weighting can permanently increase penis size. However it takes a long time and a lot of use of the devices. One particular device, the JES Extender has been proves to increase the penis 1.25 inches over an 18 week period. However in order for this to happen, the device must be used for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clearly no normal man would have this amount of time on his hands to use the device. In addition, the device will only increase length and will not do anything for girth, and may even decrease it due to it being spread out more along the penis. Another device, the ProExtender has been shown to increase girth by just under 0.5 inches with sustained use over 6 months.

Home-made methods of stretching the penis are highly advised against. Long term reduction in blood circulation to the glans of the penis, for example by tying weights to the end of the penile shaft, can lead to infection and the possibility of gangrene. Ultimately, this can end in amputation. Clearly, this would be far from a positive result when such efforts had been made to enlarge the penis. Finally, while cheaper than surgery, these devices will set you back between 500 and 1000 dollars, and for the minimal results and maximum effort required, I would highly recommend a natural program that would cost a fraction of the price and require a fraction of the effort.

Penis Enlargement Pills
Finally, we have penis pills. These claim to do a number of things, most notably improve blood circulation and blood flow to the penis, increase sex drive, and enhance energy levels. Most of the ingredients are herbal based, including recognised herbal remedies for impotence and improved blood circulation. It is highly likely that these pills will increase blood flow to the penis. Penis enlargement pills should be first on your list to try. They are the safest way to increase the size of your penis. In addition to being the most popular way to increase size - They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other methods and should definitely be considered first, above all other methods.

VigRX - The Worlds No.1 Penis Enhancement Product

Read for yourself how VigRX can help change your life forever, for the better! Results Guaranteed

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Considering all this, I would recommend VigRX, as they have all of the good ingredients that will help you enlarge your penis, are inexpensive, compared to the other methods discussed and when purchased from our site come with a money-back guarantee, should you not be happy with your results.

We hope that you have found our penis enlargement article of use. If you have any questions on enlargement you feel have not been covered, please feel free to ask your question Remember, we have helped thousands of men; and we can and will help you too! You can contact us by clicking here

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