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What Male Enhancement is Best for YOU?

By far the most common enquiry we have at GFL - at last count around 100 per month - is whether a specific product really works.

Normally Male Enhancement companies are quick to point to the most expensive product as delivering the best results! We do not agree with this, but do accept that this market has been plagued with all sorts of expensive products with plainly over the top promises of results.

As a genuine male enhancement supplier we do have a problem of giving an answer to the question of "What will work for me?". Why? The reason is that what proves ineffective for one man, may be just the answer for another. Indeed we commonly see customers trying out a couple of different solutions, then regularly re-ordering only one of them.

The most reasonable response to the question of which is the most effective product is to give you the information on most re-orders by existing customers.

While other male enhancement companies would be very reluctant to divulge top-selling product lines, for fear of competing companies replicating their success, we believe that the customer comes first!

On with the answers :-

Q. Which product is the most effective?

A. The most effective products, which we class by the nature of how fast results are visible are as follows :-

VigRX Oil - Works within 60 Seconds of application
Nexus Pheromone - Goes to work IMMEDIATELY.

ProExtender - Enlargement verified by scientific studies.

Q. Which product is most commonly re-ordered?

A. Commonly re-ordered products equal only one thing. People are having so much success with them, that they are coming back again and again! Highest Re-orders are for :-

Semenax - As used by adult movie stars!
Nexus Pheromone - Instant application for instant effect.
VigRX Plus - Extra Strength Formulation application.

You don't have to take our word for it! - Check out the reviews of these products submitted by users :-

SEMENAX REVIEWS - Why is Semenax our top seller?
Top selling penis enhancement!
Pheromone feedback
- It's the most effective Erection Oil

Remember that there are many other products with regular reorders, those above are just the top 3! - Check out all of our products before making a decision about what you are seeking. Penile enhancement?, Sperm / Orgasm improvement?, or Increased sex Attraction?.

Our article database, with many articles for you - Read them here :-


As always you may view the entire product range here:-


What are you waiting for? - With our unique and proven products you won't be disappointed!

We'll be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Kindest regards,

GF Lifestyles
Male Enhancement

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