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Welcome to GF Lifestyles - Male Enhancements. This website brings you the most popular sexual improvement products, with an important difference! Our dedicated promise to you is that.

"We only supply the tried & tested products that truly deliver!"

GFL Presents the Worlds Best Male Enhancements!

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male enhancement

Penis Enhancement
Enhanced Size & Stamina penis
At GFL we use all of our experience of the male enhancement business to select only the best penis enhancements products.

VigRX Plus & VigRX Oil -
No.1 for Penis Enhancement
MaxiDerm - Transdermal Enhancement patches
ProExtender -
New penis enlargement (traction) device

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Volume & Fertility Products
Sperm Products

If you want a boost to fertility or just to be able to ejaculate more sperm, Our products deliver the results you desire.

- Increase your sperm volume by UP TO 500%

Fertility Blend
- Reverses slow sperm count and boosts motility.

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Increase Sexual Attraction Pheromone

Pheromones. Get more women & influence with pheromones.

Euphoria - Increased influence in the corporate environment.

Nexus Pheromone
- The Sexual enhancement pheromone

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We Are Here to Help You . . . We Are Dedicated to Male Enhancements
In the course of running a male enhancement business, We get asked many questions - some more than others. So as a quick guide, here are some of the most frequent questions we receive. See FAQ & Articles sections for even more enhancement FAQ's.
Q. Do penis enhancement products really work?
A. Yes!, Most men find that VigRX Plus works for them, while others get optimum enlargement success from our other solutions. (See the Penis section for VigRX Plus, VigRX Oil and all other recommended penis enlargement and enhancement solutions).

Q. How Can I get more sperm? / How do I produce more semen?
A. A very common question. Check out Semenax from our Sperm selection for increasing sperm volume. With Semenax, you can increase semen volume by up to 500%. Semenax is widely used by big-name pornstars within the adult movie industry.

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male enhancement
Q. How do I attract women more easily?
A. Pheromones help by using science (sex pheromones) to attract female attention. Nexus Pheromone is the worlds leading pheromone concentrate. Try Nexus Pheromones today and vastly improve your sex appeal.

Q. Is it possible to reverse low sperm count and poor sperm motility?
A. Yes, With "Fertility Blend" - our unique fertility improvement product.

Q. Where can I find out more general info about male enhancements?
A. We have a comprehensive articles section on our site. This section contains many informative texts on all aspects and areas of male enhancement.

Q. Are your products professionally recommended.
A. Yes, Top Naturopaths and Doctors recommend our penis enlargement solution, VigRX Plus

Q. What kind of enlargement results can I realistically expect with your Male Enhancement products?
A. Size increases are normally dependent on metabolism. For some men up to 3" overall gain in length and circumference are possible with VigRX Plus or MaxiDerm.

Q. Are there any non-supplement based solutions you would recommend?
A. Yes - The traction enlargement device, ProExtender has been used with great success by many customers.

Q. What natural, herbal alternatives are there to Viagra for improving and maintaining erections?
A. We suggest VigRX Oil for this purpose. VigRX Oil strengthens and improves erections. VigRX Oil is highly favored by our customers. VigRX Oil has been even been described as the "Topical Viagra Oil".

If you want to read more about GFL, or to discuss any enquiries you may have, please contact us with any questions you have about male enhancement, or for more information on a specific product we stock - REMEMBER, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

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